Thursday, September 06, 2012

Martin Abel


While creating my latest pinup 'Dead Men Tell No Tales", I wanted to capture the entire process and create an interesting video to share some of my creative process.

It was no easy task really, between program crashes, corrupted files and 10 -15 hours of footage.
Eventually I found a happy medium with software, and tried to patch it all together in After Effects.
(Which I had to re-teach myself the software basics)

The music in this video is 'Drink Up Me Hearties' by Hans Zimmer from the Pirates of the Caribbean (At World's End) Soundtrack. I decided to use this because I listened to all 3 soundtracks on repeat while creating this artwork. It sort of made me insane by the end, but it really is some gorgeous music.

Artwork is created entirely in Adobe Photoshop CS5.

I hope you Enjoy a little snapshot into the way I work and I look forward to making more videos.

Martin Abel

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