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Este film se alzó con el premio a la mejor película de animación en la reciente edición de los Goya, y está consiguiendo el reconocimiento de la crítica.

Monday, November 05, 2012


WELCOME TO HOXFORD, THE FAN FILM     Directed by Julien Mokrani.
Written & Artistic Coordination by Samuel Bodin
With Jason Flemyng, Dexter Fletcher & Arben Bajraktaraj
Adapted from Ben Templesmith's comic published by IDW

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Raymond Delgado is no ordinary prisoner...
On a good day he'll take the time to tell you he's the son of Zeus before he tears out your jugular.
On a bad day, you won't even have a moment to call out for help.
After a yet another "incident" Raymond has been transferred to Hoxford, a correctional facility and mental institution known for its radical methods.

At Hoxford, Raymond’s not the only predator...Come nightfall, under a full moon, bloodcurdling screams pierce through the darkness of the prison courtyard. It's hunting hour!

As the other Hoxford prisoners huddle in the obscurity of their prison cells trembling in fright, Ray cracks a smile. He thrives on confrontation.

Lock a human beast in a cage with a legendary monster and, in your opinion... Who will devour? And who will be devoured?

Artist Khary Randolph

Artist Khary Randolph Shows Off His Process on Charismagic

Artist Khary Randolph lets us in on his hybrid digital process, which combines the best of both worlds using both a wacom cintiq and regular old fashioned pencil and paper.

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Hajime Sorayama exhibit at Gering & Lopez gallery

Exhibit footage of selected paintings from Hajime Sorayama's last 40 years of work with a focus on women from 1970 to recent work from 2010